AgentAve IDX Services Are Ending

AgentAve has been HATS Software’s flagship product for 13 years.   We have served millions of listings through hundreds of client web sites.  We have happily served and partnered with the best real estate agents in the world.  But the time has come to pull the blinds and shut off the lights.

Phase One of the shutdown has already happened.  The original IDX feed based on the old Quest SQL database was terminated by NNEREN on 11/15.   Although sites based on this feed still function, they are no longer updating.  According to the IDX agreement, they will be out of compliance on 11/22 at which time I will adjust the script to a non functioning state.

Phase Two, which consists of sites based on the current RETS feed, will terminate on 12/31/2013 and there will be no leeway on that deadline so please plan ahead.

Along with terminating the IDX services, we have decided to terminate any hosting services, as well.  Although I will be keeping my server for the foreseeable future, It will need to be reformatted and moved so the sooner sites are relocated the better.

I wish to thank each and every one of you for your patronage and I wish you well in the future.



Brian Hammond